COVID-19 Public Health Measures

Public Health Ontario is monitoring and assessing the impact of public health measures implemented by public health authorities in Ontario and other jurisdictions. Public health measures can include:

  • personal measures such as self-monitoring, isolation, and quarantine  
  • general recommendations such as hand hygiene, non-medical mask use, physical distancing
  • community measures such as public messaging and education campaigns
  • restrictive community measures that limit activities or access to resources, facilities or institutions, these are often referred to as "lockdown" measures

Policy makers and health program planners need to consider broader implications when planning and implementing COVID-19 public health measures, particularly community-based measures. Public Health Ontario has produced the resources below to assist our partners in planning community public health measures for their effectiveness in responding to COVID-19, potential unintended consequences, and considerations for health equity.


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Updated 29 Jan 2021